Arrrrrgh! A Pirate’s Life For Me

So I’ve been offline for a few days and now that I’m semi able to be around…I must have all the things. ALL the things. Seriously…I need therapy. The Fantasy Gacha opened today and there are so many amazing designers there. I never knew my love of “piratism” until I saw the ~Alchemy~ pirate outfit. It’s so incredibly detailed, I played that machine, determined to get the RARE Black Captain Wench’s outfit…and all that “pay $100L” finally paid off! And yes, it was worth every penny, because really, even the common items are amazing. I also am, obviously obsessed with my lovely friend Kirsty’s creative poses – and have pictured one of the many to come from RACK Poses. Also, thanks to Jason for allowing me to drag him into one of my blog posts, the male pirate outfit from !gO! looks wonderful. Enjoy!




On Audrina


Skin:   League   – Erin Sunkiss (lipstick – tintable lipstick 5)

Teeth:  [PXL] – OpenMouth Pro v2.0

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hand (casual)

Hair:    little bones. – Pirate Wench (vibrant) – The Fantasy Gacha


Outfit:  ~Alchemy~ – Captain Wench (black, xs, RARE includes dress, eye patch and hat) – The Fantasy Gacha

Tights: Gawk! – Black Nylon Tights (tattered, dark b)

Boots: lassitude & ennui – Paramour boots (black m+f sizes)


Monkey: ~Alchemy~ – Jack the Monkey – The Fantasy Gacha


RACK Poses – The Shield Maiden (#2, swords included for each hand) – The Fantasy Gacha


On Jason


Skin:   REDGRAVE – King FX

Ears:   [MANDALA] – Simple_Ears_HUTUU

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hand (relax)


Hat:     !gO! – Captain Hat (#1) – The Fantasy Gacha

Shirt:   !gO! – Captain Shirt (#1) – The Fantasy Gacha

Belt:    !gO! – Captain Belt (#4) – The Fantasy Gacha

Pants: !gO! –  Captain Pants (rare) – The Fantasy Gacha

Boots: lassitude & ennui – Paramour boots (black m+f sizes)


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