That Heart is So Cold

Hi! So…fun post today! The Fantasy Collective started and it has so many amazing creepy witch/voodoo fun! BUT! I really wanted to talk about these fitted mesh booobies from Sinful Needs. They are AWESOME. A friend of mine introduced me to them and I don’t ever want to take them off. They look spectacular and very natural. It doesn’t feel like, ‘oh hey, that girl has tits attached!’, they blend in with your skin and work with the tango appliers so that way all your favorite skins are compatible. The movement of these beauties are all HUD control and easy to use, if you’re like me that helps tremendously. Yay easy to use HUD! Seriously…you have to go demo/buy!!! /swoon.

Quick Fun Facts about the boobies:

  • Fully Compatible with Lola Tango Appliers
  • Each Style, Deyn, Venus, Fiore, Gaea and Inanna have 3 separate shapes/sizes in their respective packs, they all come with multiple Alphas and Physics layers to make them easier to customize to your avatar. They are all Fit Mesh breasts.
  • They all come with a Hud that tints, shades, and adjusts textures if your appliers fail to match them perfectly.
  • They all come with 3 nipple shapes, 2 clothing layers, 2 Tatto layers, and they even include several tattoos (Cow spots, blood, and bukkake). They all also come with 7 different piercings that you can wear multiples or all together, which can me tinted with your hud.
  • They are RLV compatible, though fit mesh is limited in what it can do with an RLV menu. (That’s the fault of Linden Labs, and they’ve already said it wont be corrected.)
  • They have Sinful Needs Unique Sinteract! emotes, and react to when they are touched by others, that can also be turned on and off, and target individuals, be left on public access, or restricted to Doms or Dommes.

Now, back to The Fantasy Collective[Haste] released these amazing high waist shorts. Each color comes with a HUD to change the belt color and metal type. Love the way they fit! Also in love with the mask/necklace combo from *BOOM*. Enjoy!!! (and go get boobs :p)




Skin:  League   – Erin Sunkiss

Boobs: [SN] – FitMesh Breasts: VENUS DEYN (slight v1.2)

Hands: Slink – Mesh Hand (elegant 1)

Hair: – MAGIKA – Give (HUD 03)


Shorts: [Haste] – Facilier Possession Shorts (black) – The Fantasy Collective

Tights: Gawk! – Black Nylon Tights (seams, dark b)

Boots: Maitreya – Thigh High Boots (black gold snake)


Hat: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Maman Brigitte Hat – The Fantasy Collective

Mask/Necklace: *BOOM* – Bonnwi Mask and Necklace (bleached) – The Fantasy Collective

Nail Armor: MIAMAI –  Witchcraft Full Armor (wear with Slink elegant 1) – The Fantasy Collective


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