You Make Me Feel So Weak

Who needs sleep anyway? Not me apparently! So I had tried to get into The Epiphany when it opened…and then for like…what felt like a hundred days in a row (except not, cause…well yeah) but it was forever full. So I guess yay for it not being full since I spent so many linden this round. I’m not even sure at this point if I can narrow down my favorite things…but I guess if I am posting these things first…

Ugh…this adorable Co-Ed Slumber Party situation from Peaches n’ Cream (collaboration fun from Cosmic Dust/.peaches.) is literally like…idk I had to have all the things. No like I really did. And I do. I basically will have this set out for awhile and just stand among all the pretty things. And I mean…who doesn’t want to play spin the dildo? Because you can…I would have loved to wear the FUCK OFF mask because I’m in a mood and it’s both appropriate and adorable…but I’m slightly obsessed with my new face (this weeks FLF Item from Glam Affair) and I didn’t want to cover it up. But in the link for Peaches n’ Cream, I’ve given the gacha key…cause…go get. Also you can hold that bunny too.

Another favorite is the RARE from _CandyDoll_ – cause really it’s adorable. It’s naughty too, but I paired it with the exclusive lingerie. The RARE comes with a color HUD so you can customize several parts of the jumper. Do love. I feel like I needed to have all of the exclusives…I think had somewhere around 300 points by the end…that’s a problem, or maybe it’s not. I love the /Wasabi Pills/ exclusive too…[Fetch]/Veechi did a little collaboration and I’m literally obsessed with the lashes…annnnd [BUZZ] did an adorable release as well, basically obsessed with the RARE eyes. I feel like at this point if you haven’t gone to this event you are doing it wrong. Much like me…in being late.



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Blossom – Exclusive – The Epiphany (April)

Ears: [Mandala] – Steking Ears S5 (human)

Lashes: [Fetch]/Veechi – Wisp Eyelash Kit – RARE – The Epiphany (April)

Eyes: [BUZZ] Breeze – RARE – The Epiphany (April)

Head: CATWA – Bento – Lona

Applier: Glam Affair – Pippi – Asia – (FLF – 04/21)

Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara

Body Freckles: Izzie’s


Bra: _CandyDoll_ – Nicki Collection – Roza – Exclusive – The Epiphany (April)

Jumper: _CandyDoll_ – Nicki Collection – Fallen Jumper – RARE – The Epiphany (April)


Collar: Kibitz – Mini Collar – Daddy – The Epiphany (April)


Del May – Alternative Babydoll (variant)


{vespertine} – Spring Rainy Days Skybox – Bloom

floorplan. – Cafe Letterboard – Don’t Care – Collabor88 (April)

Peaches n’ Cream (Collab: Cosmic Dust/.peaches.) – The Co-Ed Slumber Party Gacha

SO many of these things…



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